Personally the swagg has always existed except that the former is called the "style"
precisely this style begins to take too big, singers swears by swagg as Kanye West, Lil wayne, etc ... many will say that I criticize myself while I buy a cap 100 euros its c true but delirium is that javai spend 200 euros pr jordans, I realize that all this swagg is ephemeral, it is only a fad, more the style or swagg "kainry" change to one of its speed as fashion fashion victim in two months a jeans or jacket becomes outdated in a very short time .. or did the old style kainry or baggy (CERTE I FIND iTS UGLY BUT AT LEAST oN fesait NOT fASHION VICTIM) and teeshirts sneaker trend was for several years?? Now it is the race that will Deguène the best swagg, most likely and innova and added a layer to the people fill their bodies with tattoos just to get a style.